• ½ hour class – £7.50

  • 45 minute class – £8.50

  • 1 hour class – £9.50

  • 1 ¼ hour class – £10.50


Note: 5% discount for siblings

Fees are paid termly and are due during the first week of term. There will be no refunds for absences or illness but students can attend alternative classes if available to make up for any classes they may miss.  A half terms notice is required if you wish to no longer carry on the class otherwise a half terms fees are due.




There is a £15 non-refundable enrolment fee to be paid with each new enrolment which will be deducted from the first term’s fees. All current students will be automatically given a place in the next term.

Leaving the school

The South Sutton Ballet School would appreciate it if you could give a half term’s notice if you wish to withdraw your child from the school.

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